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Hi, my name is Gianmarco Russo.
I am a full stack web developer. I love to explore new technologies and frameworks that capture my interest! If you are looking for a developer to add to your team, I'd love to hear from you!

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    April 8th
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    Italian, English
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    Soccer, music, Cinema
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Web develop

Web application design from the graphic theme to the database.


Complete WordPress customization, from the graphic theme to custom plugins and custom posts.



Search engine optimization.


Mobile application development for Android and iOS.


Gianmarco è ormai un esperto del settore. Ho imparato tantissimo da lui. Ha un approccio molto speciale a risolvere le problematiche più complesse, la sua possibilità di gestire diversi progetti allo stesso tempo mi ha sempre affascinato. E' stato un grande onore lavorare con lui e mi piacerebbe lavorare insieme un'altra volta.

Abdelali En Naciri

Gianmarco is Very talented and creative at work. He always has new ideas about every situation. in Trustcom we both are in the development group, he is good at creating and handling huge applications, and with his experience and always helpful to everyone. if I ever get the chance to work with him, I will be pleased because while working, I learned a lot of new things from him. it helps me a lot in my development.

Daljeet Singh

Gianmarco è un ottimo esperto del settore. Tra le tante persone con cui ho lavorato, si è distinto per la sua innata capacità nel risolvere i problemi tecnici anche in discipline non direttamente collegate al suo campo di sviluppo. Ad majora, grazie Gianmarco

Gianluca Giordano


Below is a list of my technical skills acquired over time.



Web developer - AZInfo&Collection

04/2022 - Present

Some project developed

Report development by processing excel files. Robot development to download cadastral surveys from the revenue agency website. The robot reads the requests from a database and processes a summary report in excel. Payment development with company e-commerce bank.

Web developer - Trustcom Financial UAB

03/2020 - 11/2021

Some project developed

Mobile home banking application development using react native framework. Web home banking development using the Laravel framework. API development to support home banking using the Slim framework.

Web developer - Axcent Company

10/2018 - 02/2020

Some project developed

Development of custom plugins for Wordpress. Wordpress graphic template customization. Custom post development with custom fields for Wordpress.

Web developer - Shanyao Led Lighting

11/2017 - 07/2018

Some project developed

Development of a bridge between the Brightpearl cloud management system and a back end developed with the PHP Codeigniter framework. Development of a Telegram bot with article search functions, display of warehouse stock and notification of new article availability.

Web developer - Carso Technologies

09/2016 - 06/2017

Some project developed

Front-end travel social network development (Javascript / jQuery). Front-end layout pagination with mobile support and oƫmization (CSS3 / Bootstrap). Creation of rouƟng API for backen

Web developer - EdiSES

11/2013 - 04/2016

Some project developed

Web application development in php / javascript / jquery for drag and drop exercises, answer multiple, true false. Development of small tutorial applications written in Javascript for books digital epub 3. Development of html / css layout types for epub digital books 3. Front-end simulator development for online exercises for public competitions.

Web developer - Startapp | Lab

04/2013 - 08/2013

Some project developed

Development of a PHP application for catalog management of a jewelry store with the storage and reading of the inventory on suitably coded text files (at the customer's will).

CAD operator - Sartem Appalti

04/2009 - 11/2011

Some project developed

Realization of the modifications of the project technical drawings with the Autocad software (2D graphics). Creation of the corporate digital archive. LAN network configuration and management office and installation of a VPN network with Hamachi software.


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